PAR micromoles meter

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Micromoles meter PAR light

This micromoles measurement tool measures the quantity of micromoles within Photosynthetic active radiation range (PAR). The PAR range is within the 400-700nm range and drive photosynthesis for plants.

This tool is designed to be user friendly and basic. Which makes it possible for everybody to measure and verify the quantity and light distribution. Crucial for the learning process if you work with LED.

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How does the micromoles meter work? At the moment you switch on the Par micromoles meter it shows the actual quantity of micromoles during 20-30 seconds. Making it easy to get an good impression upon quantity of light on a certain location and height.

Other functions available:

  • Data logging capability using standard mini-USB cable and proprietary data logging software available 
  • Logging software compatible with Windows XP, 7 & 10 only

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