Welcome to FloriLED!
Are you looking for an LED solution at a good price quality level, you have come to the right company.

What we do

FloriLED develops and produces PREFAB CABLES and LED solutions for the agricultural sector. As well standard LED solutions as tailor made solutions. Our R&D department works close with strategic suppliers to tailor: prefab cables, light recipes, dimension & designs of fixtures, and dimmable or tunable solutions. 



About our company

The ambition of FloriLED is to make LED systems affordable. We are convinced a more attractive price level for our customers will accelerating the implementation of LED in the agricultural sector. By offering our premium products at a fair pricepoint, FloriLED wants to contribute to a more sustainable world.



Proven solutions

We only sell Prefab CABLES and LED solutions which are proven in our reference projects. Validating for example LED spectrum and affect on the crop, does additional white/green light facilitate ease at work, what is the expected lifetime of fixtures/LED, and light output measurements.

We stimulate growers to do trial with our products in their own specific settings. For that reason we have added a “trial offer package” in our webshop. A successful trial is much more convincing then sales talks only.


Successful strawberry trial with FloriLED strawberry LED bulbs convinces customer to implement FloriLED in entire greenhouse. Sustainability is important for growers and investors. An affordable and high quality LED solution stimulates growers to make the investment decision faster.

First FloriLED strawberry LED project a fact

LED trials in de Bommelerwaard proof the effect of FloriLED strawberry LED lights. In the trials the conventional E27 light bulbs of 150 Watt are replaced 1 on 1 with 12 Watt FloriLED strawberry LED lights. Proving the same growth performance on the crop during daylight extension.