FungiLED will focus on lighting for mushrooms like shiitake and oyster mushrooms. Research confirms the added value of the correct light recipe on the growth process. Especially the role of Blue light plays an important role.

FloriLED has developed a mushroom specific LED fixture in close cooperation with Verbruggen Paddestoelen . In several mushroom farms trials are rolled out. Which will results in the best light recipe in terms of growth performance.



Successful strawberry trial with FloriLED strawberry LED bulbs convinces customer to implement FloriLED in entire greenhouse. Sustainability is important for growers and investors. An affordable and high quality LED solution stimulates growers to make the investment decision faster.

First FloriLED strawberry LED project a fact

LED trials in de Bommelerwaard proof the effect of FloriLED strawberry LED lights. In the trials the conventional E27 light bulbs of 150 Watt are replaced 1 on 1 with 12 Watt FloriLED strawberry LED lights. Proving the same growth performance on the crop during daylight extension.