Mist maker 0.2 liter


0.2 liter mist maker

Including set of components

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0.2 liter mist maker including set of components

Effective spray area 35 m2 (indicative)

Temperature drop 4 – 10 °C

Energy use 80 Watt


Component set included:

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Dimensions 30 × 18 × 18 cm


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FungiMIST is focussing on ultrasonic mist making machines for the growth of mushrooms. With a customized ultrasonic box we are able to inject fog of 1-5µm directly into the ventilation channels.

Humidification with ultrasonic units is very energy efficient. As soon as the 400 Watt units are switcht on, it produces instantly fog with a capacity of 8.5 liter pro hour. No warm water or starting up times are required. In contrast with high pressure (warm water/compressor) solutions.

Besides saving a lot of energy, the advantage is the very small fog drups of 1-5µm. Which influences the risk on infections pressure to the crop.

It can also be considered to use the ultrasonic mist to desinfect. Complementing the system with ozon equipment, injecting for a longer time fresh ozon water into the ultrasonic unit. Makes it possible to lower the infection pressure.