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Different light spectrum (colors) have different effects on mushrooms according the article ” Identification of Blue-Light Photoresponse Genes in Oyster Mushroom Mycelia” from KYoko NAKANO, Hiroshi FUJII, and Masanobu KOJIMA (2010).

To proof the effect of blue light on the diameter of the pilei and length of stipes, we started trials in commercial oystermushrooms cultivation rooms. Aiming with the adjustment of light level, color combination and daylight length to come with the “ideal” light recipe for oystermushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus).

FungiLED let tubes with 35Watt clear white and 15 Watt Blue are tuned for creating growth increase. Together with the prefab wires, it becomes easy to install and switch lights. The system can be completed with a dimming system.


FungiMIST is focussing on ultrasonic mist making machines for the growth of mushrooms. With a customized ultrasonic box we are able to inject fog of 1-5µm directly into the ventilation channels.

Humidification with ultrasonic units is very energy efficient. As soon as the 400 Watt units are switcht on, it produces instantly fog with a capacity of 8.5 liter pro hour. No warm water or starting up times are required. In contrast with high pressure (warm water/compressor) solutions.

Besides saving a lot of energy, the advantage is the very small fog drups of 1-5µm. Which influences the risk on infections pressure to the crop.

It can also be considered to use the ultrasonic mist to desinfect. Complementing the system with ozon equipment, injecting for a longer time fresh ozon water into the ultrasonic unit. Makes it possible to lower the infection pressure.


Successful strawberry trial with FloriLED strawberry LED bulbs convinces customer to implement FloriLED in entire greenhouse. Sustainability is important for growers and investors. An affordable and high quality LED solution stimulates growers to make the investment decision faster.

First FloriLED strawberry LED project a fact

LED trials in de Bommelerwaard proof the effect of FloriLED strawberry LED lights. In the trials the conventional E27 light bulbs of 150 Watt are replaced 1 on 1 with 12 Watt FloriLED strawberry LED lights. Proving the same growth performance on the crop during daylight extension.