FungiLED will focus on lighting for mushrooms like shiitake and oyster mushrooms. Research confirms the added value of the correct light recipe on the growth process. Especially the role of Blue light plays an important role.

FloriLED has developed a mushroom specific LED fixture in close cooperation with Verbruggen Paddestoelen . In several mushroom farms trials are rolled out. Which will results in the best light recipe in terms of growth performance.


In de Bommelerwaard LED trials proof the effect of FloriLED strawberry LED lights. In the trials the conventional E27 light bulbs of 150 Watt are replaced 1 on 1 with 15 Watt FloriLED strawberry LED lights. Proving the same growth performance on the crop during daylight extension.

In a few greenhouses strawberries LED trials were facilitated by FloriLED. Two different LED spectrum were compared with conventional light bulbs in terms of growth performance. In both reference sections the growth performance was equal compared to the conventional 150 Watts lights. Although 90% on energy was saved.

In spectrum 2 we applied slightly more white/green light compared to spectrum 1. Which was experienced by the grower as more friendly to work with during the dark days in spring.

For that reason we have selected spectrum 2 as our standard 15 Watt FloriLED strawberry LED light with E27 fitting. Which is also applied in our webshop.

Trial with FloriLED strawberry LED bulbs convinces customer to implement FloriLED in entire greenhouse. Sustainability is important for growers and investors. An affordable and high quality LED solution stimulates growers to make the investment decision faster.  

LED bulbs currently used in greenhouses to stimulate growth of flowers and plants by extending daylight, are still relatively expensive. Conventional 100 Watt and 150 Watts E27 light bulbs were and still are used currently. Nowadays conventional lights cannot be bought anymore, forcing growers to switch to LED sooner or later.

Besides of the investment costs, it is important for growers to select a LED light with a proven spectrum. The growers can select 2 products. First of all they can chose an LED bulb which imitates the spectrum and light output of the conventional lights. Consuming minimum 100 Watts themselves as well.

The second option is to apply a LED solution with a specific color combination, also called narrow spectrum. The advantage of a narrow spectrum is that the energy consumption of a light bulb can be lowered to 15 Watt only. Without compromising on growth results.

FloriLED’s goal is to offer an affordable LED solution for this specific cut flowers, strawberries and perennials. Reduce energy costs (grid costs and energy consumption) as well as the initial investment to buy the lights. This combination makes it worth while for growers to switch to LED earlier.

We are sure about our proven products. And stimulate you to create proof in your own greenhouse to get convinced as well. A good example is the trials we organized so far. All growers are convinced of our “proven products” as well. For them our FloriLED strawberry LED bulb has become an interesting option for the future. One grower already decided to switch in a 1 hectare greenhouse complete to our LED solution. He will apply our FloriLED strawberry LED bulbs in the spring of 2021.